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Hiram is an exceptional founder for a home care and home health care agency, drawing from over 20 years of diverse professional experience.

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His journey began as a nursing major in undergrad before he switched his major to Human Services and Behavioral Health, driven by his passion for helping others. This passion led him to become trained as an emergency medical technician and a dialysis technician, further enhancing his understanding of healthcare and patient care.


Throughout his career, Hiram has excelled in various roles that have equipped him with essential skills for running a successful agency. As a respected educator, community organizer, and human services professional, he has consistently championed causes for the underserved and demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact in communities.


As a former Chief of Staff in the Pennsylvania House, Hiram has honed his leadership, project management, and conflict resolution abilities. He has managed complex teams, fostered diversity and inclusion, and ensured effective communication among stakeholders. These qualities make him an excellent team builder, capable of creating a collaborative and supportive environment within the agency.


With a bachelor's and master's degree from the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Lincoln University, Hiram has received a solid educational foundation. His academic achievements, combined with his practical experience, provide him with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry and the importance of compassionate care.


Overall, Hiram's combination of leadership, community engagement, crisis management, and human services expertise make him a highly qualified founder of a home care and home health care agency. His commitment to championing causes for the underserved, his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion, and his passion for delivering compassionate care position him as an exceptional leader. With Hiram at the helm, the agency will thrive in providing high-quality care and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities in need.

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